21 Day Fix Eating Plan: An easy-to-follow, portion-control diet plan with plain and simple recipes. Think make-your-own spices to put on top of chicken breast. To get you jump-started on your weight loss, this is a three day diet plan designed to maximize fat loss and get you well on your way to a leaner, sexier you. This is something useful that comes with any Beachbody product you purchase. It’s great for whenever you’re looking for support and/or motivation to keep you going when things get tough.

The system essentially includes exercise and healthy eating although it claims that it is not another diet program. Apparently, this weight loss solution is more about portion control and the right kind of exercises that can help you lose weight faster and simpler. This incredible program provides rapid results without anxiety and frustration! The platform is created with the individual in mind – giving victory and healthy changes. The Fix is designed to give the individual tools to obtain their weight loss goals.

I this group, I will provide daily accountability check-ins, recipes, menu plans and tricks to help you succeed.  While anyone can do it and a modifier is available, it is recommended to consult your doctor or healthcare provider for advice prior to committing to this program especially if you have a medical condition or physical limitations.

So much more than a meal replacement solution, Shakeology is a lifestyle change that can help you achieve the body of your dreams. Will you really drop the amount of weight that is promised in just three weeks? It will depend on many factors, but if you have a lot of weight to lose and follow the included 3 Day Quick Fix, you could do very well. The 21 Day fix really teaches you how to eat right – and keep your portions under control. What was really eye opening to me, when I started this whole portion control thing, was ice cream.